A HUGE Steal!

I found this massive mirror (measuring 36 1/2” x 51” and weighing around 40 lbs.) at the annual Eastman Flea Market a couple of months ago for only $10.00!  At that price it was definitely a steal, so I snatched it up as quick as I possibly could! 


The mirror has a heavy wooden frame and beveled glass… definitely worth more than $10.00.  The only problem was that it had been painted several times and the paint was in horrible condition (chipping, peeling, cracking).

So, I pulled out our trusty stripping brush and gave the entire frame a good rub-down.  I was amazed to see at least 4 layers of paint uncovered as I brushed (brown, green, yellow, and gold).


Once all of the peeling paint was removed I cleaned the frame and placed a large square of masking tape around the edges of the mirror (to protect the mirror from the impending paint job).


Then I taped down a thick layer of newspaper to cover the remainder of the mirror surface.


After doing that I had Craig help me move the frame into the grass, where I placed it down on top of a large sheet of cardboard.


We decided to hang the finished mirror in the dining room, so we chose a more traditional color (than what I normally do) for the paint job… Oil Rubbed Bronze.  The specific brand we chose was Rust-Oleum Universal Paint & Primer In One.  We landed on this because we figured it would save us the step of priming the frame separately.  I gave the frame two even coats of the paint-plus-primer, letting it dry for several hours between coats.




Then I removed the newspaper and masking tape.  There were a few areas where some paint snuck onto the mirror, so I used a razor blade to carefully scrape it from the glass.  The new finish is beautiful… so much better than the chipped, cracked finish when I bought it!


Then we hung it in the dining room, being sure to mount it directly into the studs (since it is SO heavy).


The only problem now is that the mirror is larger than the old dresser that we we’ve been using as a make-shift buffet for the last 5 years.  But on the up side… I guess this means it’s finally time to upgrade the dining room furniture!

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