Christmas Traditions

It was a tradition in Craig’s house growing up to go out and ‘ choose and cut’ a Christmas tree each year.  In my house growing up it was always a tradition to leave our tree up until Epiphany on January 6th (which marks the 12th day of Christmas).  Obviously, this meant that we would wait until closer to Christmas to go pick out our Christmas tree. 

Since moving to Tennessee, Craig and I have combined our two family traditions.  We always wait until about 2 weeks before Christmas to get our tree.  And when we do get our tree we always go to local Christmas tree farms and ‘choose and cut’ our own. 

This year we went back to Roan Valley Tree Farm in Johnson City where we eventually found the perfect tree!



After cutting down the tree and loading it into the truck we decided to try out the Ole Barn Restaurant that’s located on the tree farm.  Last year when we visited Roan Valley Tree Farm the restaurant was not yet completed, so we were very interested to see it all finished.


The food was delicious (and there certainly was plenty of it!).  The atmosphere was great.   And the people were so nice!



What a fun way to spend a day as a family!  I think visiting Roan Valley Tree Farm and eating at the Ole Barn Restaurant may just become our family’s newest Christmas tradition!

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