Kitchen Renovation Update

I’m a little a lot embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to post updated pictures of the new kitchen as a whole.  We’re still not 100% done… probably more like 95% of the way there.  But I still thought y’all would appreciate a few before, during, and after shots of the space (check out here, here, here, here, here, here, and here to watch the kitchen renovation project unfold from the very beginning).  So here you go…

1.  View from Family Room into Kitchen







2.  View from Kitchen into Family Room







3.  View from Front of Kitchen







4.  View from Back of Kitchen







Even in its “only 95% complete” state, isn’t it awesome?  I know we certainly love it!  And the part that we love most of all definitely has to be the peninsula!  What a tremendous difference it has made!


The kitchen/family room has gone from my least favorite place to my room of choice!  But with a nice, bright, open space like this who could blame me!


Erin5681 said... looks FABULOUS!!!!! I am super jealous of how amazing your house is! It makes me want to buy a new house ;-)

Lindsay said...

It looks fantastic!!!!!

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

It look so good!! How wonderful!

Alanna said...

definitely go with a new house erin... old houses are way too much work :)

Tara said...

AMAZING! I just checked out your blog from YHL - I am so inspired! Thank you for sharing!

Zan said...

That's beautiful!! I clicked over from YHL too and your after is amazing. The only thing I'm missing is that adorable pile of dog in the office chair in the first picture. Haha.

Alanna said...

thanks! that "adorable pile of dog" is named sydney... and he was definitely the best part of that old kitchen picture!

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Can't believe yall did so much of the work yourselves. The lights are my favorite part. :)

Jen@BigBrownChair said...

Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! love it!!!!

Elle C. said...

Wow! I just found your blog from your comments on YHL. What an amazing remodel! I LOVE the light fixtures over your island especially.

Stephany said...

popping over from YHL- AWESOME!!!! What is the paint you used?

Alanna said...

the paint is valspar ultra premium and the name of the color is summer smile... the name alone makes me think of a bright, happy space!

Unknown said...

WOW WOW is amazing! Huge transformation. I was just going to comment that you should submit this to Young House Love's Redesign. I am clicking over from another blog and must have missed this on YHL. Too funny!It's amazing!

Alanna said...

thanks jeannie! i've actually linked to the post in comments left on YHL, but i haven't submitted it for a reader redesign. maybe i'll do that when it's 100% complete!

Between Blue and Yellow said...

That looks incredible, we have the same problem in our kitchen. brown, brown, brown. I'm staring the update as we speak!

SnoWhite said...

We did something very similar in our kitchen and LOVE it! The removal of the wall and having bar-stool seating there makes all the difference in the world. Looks lovely & I know you're enjoying it!

Jae said...

Wow - what a transformation. It's wonderful! I know you must enjoy it!

Jessi said...

Are you sure that's even the same house as the before pics? You did an amazing job!