Take Out the Papers and the Trash!

We finally have our new garbage cans installed (thanks Craig… you’re the best honey-do ever)!  We were tired of having to walk to the opposite end of the kitchen to throw anything away or into the laundry room anytime we had anything to recycle, so we decided to get a roll-out garbage can system that would fit in to the base cabinet next to the sink.

We considered purchasing a system from the company that manufactured our new cabinets, but it turned out to be two or more times as expensive as buying a similar system from a home improvement store and installing it ourselves.  After reviewing our in-store options we settled on this system by Rev-A-Shelf.  We also sprung an extra $10 for a door kit so that the cabinet door could be attached directly to the front of the sliding track.

garbage can 1

We figured that this would be perfect because it would give us a bin for the garbage and a separate bin for the recycling, which in turn would free up some much needed space in the kitchen and laundry room.  So, in true form, Craig got right to work installing the sliding track and then attaching the cabinet door using the door mounting kit we bought.



And in no time flat he was done!  Definitely a much better solution for us!


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