A New-To-Us Mirror!

I found this old mirror at Salvation Army a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to bring it home.
The mirror was in pretty good shape, but the frame definitely needed some sprucing up.  I figured that I would clean it off and paint it just like I did our entry hall mirror that was a Salvation Army find a couple of years ago (the only picture I could find of it was from Bailey’s 1st birthday party, so don’t worry… we don’t normally greet guests to our house with balloons and a rhyming fish).
So I cleaned off the dust and grime and then covered the mirror with cardboard to prevent it from accidentally being spray painted (all of our newspaper went out with the recycling a few days earlier, so I used a couple of empty cereal boxes instead).
Then I grabbed the spray paint and got busy.  I chose to paint it orange… a color we don’t have much of in our house (aside from all of the orange touches in Bailey’s room).  I guess I was feeling adventurous?  Or maybe it was just the only can of spray paint I found that seemed to have enough paint left in it to do the job?  Who knows!  The point is that this is what I ended up with.
And after removing the cardboard and cleaning off a couple of stray orange speckles on the glass, this is what it looks like in our new kitchen!

Definitely a big change from what we usually have… but I think I like it!  Apparently change really can be good!

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Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

How fun! I love it! It makes me want to bring the spray paint out again!