Bailey’s Big Girl Bed

I can’t tell you all just how sad it is to be typing this post.  My baby isn’t a baby anymore... she’s 100% toddler.  And last Friday we decided it was time to convert her crib into a toddler bed (I know… we’re crazy for doing this so early)

We chose to do it because we’re going to be traveling this summer and won’t necessarily have the option of a crib/pack and play, so we wanted to try to prep her for things before we go.  Also, in August she’ll be moving up to the next class room at the day school and she’ll have to take naps on a mat on the floor.  So we figured that sleeping in a toddler bed at home would help make this transition a bit easier on her.

Here’s a picture of Bailey’s crib.  She’s been sleeping here since she was less than a week old… sniff, sniff.


Thankfully the process of converting the crib to the toddler bed was really easy (it’s definitely more emotionally taxing than physically taxing).  I just removed two screws and took off the side rails.


Then Craig got to work assembling the safety net mesh bed rail we bought to keep Bailey from rolling out of the bed.  He made sure to secure it really tight so that there’s no gap between the rail and the mattress for Bailey to potentially get stuck in.



And this is what her crib toddler bed looks like now.  As far as what Bailey thinks about it… well, the jury’s still out on that. 


The first couple of nights and mornings were tough (especially the first night where she didn’t fall asleep until midnight!).  Thankfully though, each passing day seems to be getting progressively better!

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