Back to Square One

So, it looks like I completely jinxed things with my previous post about converting Bailey’s crib to a toddler bed. 

Long story short… the last few nights have been horrible! 

With the side rail of her crib removed Bailey could easily climb down from her bed in the middle of the night and walk next door to our room.  Which she did over and over the last four nights!  And every time we’d take her back to her bed it would only be a matter of minutes before she’d sneak back over to our room.  And I hate to admit it, but after battling with her for an hour or more on more than one occasion at 2:30 a.m. we totally gave in and took her into the bed with us.  I know… we’re completely to blame for all of this and we totally deserve what we get!  But at some point exhaustion just takes over and you begin to operate on auto-pilot… and I guess that’s what was going on!

So, I’m very frustrated to say that we’ve had to convert her toddler bed back to a crib.  Well… not really frustrated… more like upset with myself.  She had so much trouble sleeping when she was younger and we worked really hard with her to get those problems fixed… and now it’s all out the window.

She obviously wasn’t ready for this transition and I was the one really pushing for it.  She had been sleeping so well before this transition.  She was going down for bed so easily.  She wasn’t crying out at night anymore and was always able to put herself back to sleep.  I was so wrapped up in prepping her for our summer travels (where we would be without access to a crib) that I totally overlooked the fact that she simply wasn’t ready for this big step! 

But, in our defense she really was getting better with it at first. Then something happened and she started waking up every night at 2:30! And it has been all down hill from there.

And, I mean, I knew we were trying to transition her to a toddler bed really early, but I seriously thought she could handle it.  Well I was certainly wrong… and Bailey didn’t waste any time in showing me that!

So now we're left with a baby who’s totally confused and out of her sleeping routine.  Looks like we may be back to square one.

So consider this a cautionary tale… just because you may be ready for your child to reach a certain milestone or transition to a certain thing doesn’t mean that your child is ready.  Definitely let the baby be in the driver’s seat when it comes to these things… otherwise you’ll be paying for it like we are!

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