Saturday & Sunday…

…turned out to be a couple of fun days!

Saturday, while Craig was finishing up our recessed lighting and starting work on installing a vent for our cooktop (more on these projects later), I decided to take Bailey and Sydney downtown to the first annual Pets in the City festival.  We were hoping to make it in time to see the “Flying High” frisbee dogs, but unfortunately we missed them.  As disappointing as that was though, Bailey and Sydney both seemed just as happy to walk around and visit with all of the other dogs.  In fact, Bailey had to have yelled “Oooohhh…. Puppy!!!” over two hundred times while we were there!

I had a difficult time snapping pictures seeing as I had my hands full (one pushing Bailey’s stroller and the other holding Sydney’s leash), but I did manage to get a couple.  As you can tell from the ones I took, Bailey and Sydney were far more interested in the other dogs than they were in having their pictures taken.




After walking around the festival for a while we took a leisurely stroll through downtown, to Glen Bruce Park, and then back home. 

Once home, we headed right back outside for me to do a little gardening and for Bailey to play in the sprinkler in the front yard.  Think of it as some pre-Bermuda, fun-in-the-sun practice time!




Sunday, Craig joined Bailey and I for a picnic at Riverfront Park (part of Kingsport’s Greenbelt walking trail).  After finishing our lunch we spent some time feeding the geese and ducks, which Bailey really seemed to enjoy! 







What a fun weekend with the family.  Too bad tomorrow’s Monday and that means back to work.

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