New Friends!

Over the past 2-3 weeks we’ve noticed some new visitors to the back yard (read about some of our past visitors here and here)… 3 wild mallard ducks who we fondly refer to as Huey, Dewey,and Louie!  They visit us occasionally in the mornings and almost every evening to get a quick snack under our bird feeders. 


Of course… a duck (make that 3 ducks) can’t survive on bird seed alone.  That’s where Bailey and I come in.  A couple times a week we will head in to the back yard (bag of bread in hand) to treat our little buddies to a proper meal.  And they very happily come running waddling straight to us!





Although, I’m not sure who gets more excited about it all… Bailey or the ducks… but everyone always seems to be enjoying themselves!