A Hand-Crafted Mother’s Day!

Bailey and Craig surprised me with a special hand-made Mother’s Day gift this morning!

It was a miniature rose planted in a pot painted with little handprint flowers (courtesy of Bailey).  Around the rim of the pot reads “Like flowers, these hands grow with love.”  And to top it off Craig stuck little construction paper handprints in the pot.  How stinkin’ cute is that!

Judging by the handprint flowers, my child is either part duck (hence the webbed, flipper fingers)


…or is a big fan of Star Trek (as noted by the Vulcan salute below).


Either way I love her and I loved my gift.  It certainly doesn’t get much more hand-crafted than this!  Definitely one of those gifts that moms treasure!

And who knew that Craig was so crafty!?!  Way to go there Dad… set the bar high!  Just remember that Father’s Day is coming up… I’m sensing a hand-crafted paperweight or pencil holder in your future!

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