Happy Easter!

This Easter we stayed in Tennessee and didn’t have any family in town.  It was a little strange not having family extended around, but at the same time it was kind of nice to have a holiday just to ourselves.  We spent a big chunk of the weekend working on the kitchen renovation (read more about that here)… however, we did manage to squeeze in a little Easter fun for Bailey! 

We received an invitation to stop by a friend’s house to do a little egg hunting in the afternoon which we just couldn’t say “no” to.  Thanks again Brenda and Sarah for letting us come by and play!

Bailey did amazingly well considering this was her first egg hunt!  She knew exactly what it was that she was supposed to do!  And she was just too cute toddling around the yard with her basket handle over her arm searching for the next hidden treasure!




Towards the end of the hunt she tripped face first into the concrete sidewalk.  Thankfully, neither she nor the sidewalk were hurt too badly… who knew that egg hunting was a full-contact sport!  Anyway, she cried for literally ten seconds and shed a couple of tears before getting back to the fun.  That’s my girl… rough and tumble! She ended up with a scraped forehead, but was definitely no worse for wear!


Once back at the house we played in the yard and Craig snapped a few more 60 or so pictures of her in her little Easter dress!  I know… crazy!  He definitely loves his little girl!  And she most certainly has him wrapped around her little finger!  Anyway, I won’t overload you with all of the pictures he took… but I will share just a few of our favorites!





We hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and spent plenty of time with the people that make your heart smile!  I know we certainly did!


Lindsay said...

Ummm.... GORGEOUS photos of a GORGEOUS lil girl! Happy Easter!

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

What great pictures!!!
And the kitchen is looking FABULOUS!

Unknown said...

Sweet girl!