Busy… Busy… Busy!

That’s exactly what this weekend was.  Craig and I tried to take advantage of the long weekend to get a few more projects done in the kitchen.  The kitchen countertops were installed on Friday which meant we had the green light to begin on some of the following tasks…

  • Installing the faucet
  • Installing the garbage disposal
  • Hooking up the plumbing under the sink
  • Installing the vent for the downdraft on the cooktop

We also hoped to install the recessed lighting in both the kitchen and family room.  We had BIG plans for the weekend!

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get everything done as we had hoped, but we did manage finish a few things… like installing the faucet…



…installing the garbage disposal…


…and hooking up the rest of the plumbing under the sink!


We also managed to begin working on our recessed lighting!  Craig first drew out a plan for where to place the lights.  Then he taped paper circles to the ceiling to help visualize things and make sure that the spacing looked right.


After that he started drilling holes, inserting the cans, and connecting the wiring.  We’re still not finished with this one, but we’re getting there. 




We didn’t quite finish the recessed lighting project as we had hoped, but we’re off to a decent start.  The weekend just seemed to fly by a lot faster than expected.  In the end we managed to get a lot done… but there’s still a lot left to do.  Oh the joy of renovating!

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