Wide Open Spaces!

It had been suggested to us that we open up the doorway from the entry hall into the family room.  As we thought about it, the idea seemed like a really smart one!  Opening the doorway would make the family room feel so much more open to the rest of the house.  Plus, a wider doorway would match the wide doorway from the entry hall into the living room. 

So, once everything else had been taken down we figured “what the heck” and went for it!  Here’s a picture to remind you what the doorway looked like before… a pretty standard sized opening.


And here’s my dad hard at work cutting out the doorway (Not bad for 70+ years old!  You go daddy!).




And finally, here’s our wider, more open doorway… complete with an unobstructed view into the kitchen (Just look past the fridge that is now living in the middle of the family room.  You gotta love kitchen renovations!).



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