Kitchen Renovation Day 1

Today was D – Day (demolition day) in the Leonberg house!  The kitchen renovation has been officially kicked off.  Craig and I are both taking vacation time off from work next week to get the project underway.  Bailey has been shipped off to S.C. with the grand mothers and my dad will be here through Wednesday to help us work.  We are going to be doing about 85% of the work ourselves… I know, completely crazy! 

In our defense though… this was not our original plan.  We had every intention of hiring a contractor.  In fact, we interviewed 4 contractors.  We picked the one that appeared to be the best man for the job.  About 2 weeks before beginning the project Craig called the guy to confirm the start date and finalize the details.  To our surprise, the contractor informed us that he had gotten a full time job and that he had signed a contract stating that he wouldn’t take on other jobs on the side.  What the crap!?!  And then, to make matters worse, Craig decided that we didn’t really “need” a contractor and that we could do it all (knock down the load bearing wall, reinforce the beam in the attic, build a new half wall, etc.) ourselves.  You gotta be kidding me!  So after throwing a brief hissy fit I calmed down and decided to have faith in my husband (although I did tell him that I would reserve the right to say “I told you so” if necessary later on in the project).  Wasn’t that so good of me?  I think so!

Anyway… today was the day!  Our plan for today was to get all of the demolition items on the to-do list (except for removing the old carpet) done.  Talk about setting the bar high.  But we got right down to work and got most of our goals for the day accomplished!





Here are a few before and after pictures to show you what we accomplished:

The family room (view looking from family room towards the kitchen) BEFORE…


The family room at the END OF DAY 1…



As you can see, in the family room all of the moldings and trims were taken out, the built in book shelves and desk were ripped out, and the paneling was removed.

The kitchen BEFORE (view looking from front of kitchen to back)


(view from back of kitchen to front)


(view of wall separating kitchen from family room)


And the kitchen at the END OF DAY 1…




And in the kitchen we took off all of the moldings and trims, ripped out the paneling, got rid of the old appliances (bye bye avocado green!), ripped out all of the cabinets (hooray!), removed the countertops, and attempted (but failed miserably) to take up the old parquet hardwood floors.  We didn’t quite get the wall separating the kitchen and the family room removed.  Since the wall is load-bearing we have to take extra care when removing it.  Unfortunately we ran into a few road bumps which slowed down the process of reinforcing the beams in the attic.  But this job will definitely be done early tomorrow!  I’ll keep you all posted on the progress!

So, as you can see we’re definitely on our way to having a new “kitchen of our dreams”! 

What a difference a days makes!


Lindsay said...

I am so impressed! I can't believe you weren't too tired to blog about it! haha Can't wait to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

Found your website via I love DIY/Reno blogs. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


Alanna said...

thanks esther... here's my last kitchen reno update post in case you're interested (