Building a 1/2 Wall…

…turned out to be the perfect project for my dad!  While Craig and I got a jump-start on running wires through the walls and attic, my dad decided to put his carpentry skills to good use and build the 1/2 wall that would be the basis for our new peninsula. 

Here’s a refresher of what the kitchen should look like without the wall separating it from the family room and with the new peninsula in place (Keep in mind that the peninsula will have a 12” overhang on the family room side, so these pictures aren’t 100% accurate… but they’re pretty darned close).

final design pic 2

final design pic 5

Here’s an “in progress” shot.


And here’s the result.  Not bad, huh?





Things are really starting to take shape!  It’s getting easier every day to imagine what it will look like all done!  Can’t wait!

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Lindsay said...

I am loving all the progress pics! You guys are doing such a great job, and I am so impressed and excited for you guys!! Keep the pics coming!