Laundry Room Quick Change—Part 1

Craig and I are super excited that our new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer (and other new appliances) are being delivered tomorrow!!!  Just the thought of being able to dry a load of clothes in 20ish minutes versus the 140+ minutes it now takes us makes me grin from ear to ear!  Amidst all of this new appliance, euphoria I guess we got a little crazy and decided to do a mini makeover of our laundry room.  Best of all… we decided to try to do it in just one weekend.

I know… crazy, right?!?

But we just couldn’t bear the thought of putting our new washer/dryer beauties in our old, cramped, disgusting laundry room.

So, the first task we decided to tackle was to remove the old, green metal cabinet in the corner next to our current dryer.  That’s right folks… our lovely green metal kitchen cabinets have a cousin living in our laundry room.  Aren’t you all jealous?!?  Anyway, between the green cabinet and the spearmint green paint on the walls we were just dying to rip it out… so we did!




Talk about yuck… so glad that thing’s gone! 

With the cabinet out of the way (literally) we were able to move on to our second task… removing three of the four large HVAC ducts that criss-cross our laundry room ceiling like a spider web (don’t worry… we checked with a friend who owns an HVAC company and he said that the ductwork wasn’t necessary for our system and that we still would have plenty of air flow without them).  Just imagine walking into our laundry room and looking up to see these.


Lovely, huh?!?  So, I’m sure you can understand why they too just had to go.  So we used a box cutter and wire snips to cut through the duct work…



…and then we used 6” caps to close off the holes on the HVAC unit.  We used caulk to seal the edges of the caps after slipping them into place.  Then we used aluminum foil tape to cover the caps and make extra sure no air would escape the unit.




Now instead of four giant ducts hanging over our heads and taking up valuable space in our laundry room we’re left with just one duct that travels into the attic and distributes air to the entire house.  Gotta love that!  Eventually, the plan is to move the entire HVAC system into the attic to free up even more real estate in the laundry room… but that’s definitely a project for another day!


Once we capped off the holes at the HVAC unit we then moved on to the metal “duct pieces” that were left in the walls.





Ripping these out left large holes in our living room and dining room walls (from where the vents used to be) that would need to be patched.  We cut out pieces of drywall to fit the openings.  Then we screwed some pieces of 2 x 4 inside the holes so that we’d have something to secure our squares of drywall to.  Then we whipped out the mesh tape and our our trusty putty knives and joint compound and got down to business!





And while we were at it we decided to fish the cord for our satellite and internet down through the wall and properly wire it to a receptacle on the other side… you know, instead of just having it drape down the laundry room wall and come out of a random hole drilled in the living room wall.  You gotta love living in a house that was built before internet and satellite/cable became a staple in every home!  So fishing the wires meant that we were, of course, left with even more holes to patch… but no worries… we were up to the challenge!



The last task we tackled before starting to try to put the room back together was removing the old washer and dryer.  I’d have to say that (just as with the green metal cabinet) I was very happy to see them go!  Maybe it was the promise of new, beautiful, energy-efficient appliances arriving in just a few days that made it all feel okay!


We were left with a blank canvas wall on which our washer, dryer, and green metal utility cabinet used to rest.  We are so excited to get to start our laundry room over from scratch! 


Please check back in soon… more on our laundry room mini makeover still to come!


Lindsay said...

Very impressive! Cannot wait to see the rest!!!

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Oh my goodness! I just can't believe how handy you guys are! I can't imagine Grady and I attempting such things!!!