Why a New Kitchen?

Well… the easy answer is that the old kitchen (and adjoining family room) just isn’t working for us!  Here are a few of the problems we have with it:

Problem 1: Wood Overload!  It’s just way too much with the wood paneling on the walls, old parquet floors, and tacky wood laminate covered cabinets!  I know we live in Tennessee, but we’re not living in a cabin for goodness sake!


Problem 2: Those tacky wood laminate covered cabinets!  Underneath all of that “fake wood-looking stuff” our cabinets are actually made of avocado green metal.  I guess at some point the house’s former owners got a little tired of the all green kitchen and decided to glue this lovely stuff on the cabinets to try to dress them up a bit… Classy, huh?




Problem 3:  Foliage-inspired laminate countertops and backsplash.  Yep… that’s the same stuff the countertops are made of glued to the walls for our backsplash.  Another nice choice by the former owners!  By the looks of the countertop (a mixture of oak, maple, clover, and other leaves), I’m guessing they were outdoorsy people.


Problem 4: Lighting… enough said!


Problem 5: The bowling alley galley layout.  The current layout is completely cut off from the family room, which makes cooking or washing dishes impossible to do at the same time as keeping an eye on Bailey.  Plus, the cooking area is right smack in the middle of the traffic way… and when Bailey starts chasing Sydney around the house in her walker (which happens about every other day) this can definitely be a problem!

100_8642_2 copy

100_8646_2 copy

100_8643_2 copy


So, now you know what we’re dealing with.  Can you really blame us for wanting to start from scratch? I’m sure you would all do the same!

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Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

So glad you posted this . . . it's been awhile . . . I had forgotten what everything looks like! I'm so excited to see it brand new!!!