Should it Stay or Should it Go?

So here’s the problem… Bailey’s hair is really getting long… and uncontrollable!  If left to its own devices it will inevitably take over her beautiful face! 

Amazingly, she doesn’t seem to mind so much, but it just drives me crazy

We’ve tried all sorts of things to try to contain it…


…like bows… but they rarely last more than a couple of minutes…


…and clips  (you know, tiny ones that she won’t notice as much)… but eventually she does notice them and they’re yanked out too…


…and a “Pebbles” ponytail on top of her head… which thus far she doesn’t seem to mess with. 


Unfortunately, Craig simply HATES this last option.  His solution to the hair problem… cut her hair!

Personally… I feel like she’s still way too young for a haircut… I mean she is still my baby after all!

So, I’m posing the question to you guys… should it stay or should it go?!?


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

I feel your pain! We're almost at the same point with Ross! I figure it's gonna have to grow out at some point . . .

Lindsay said...

I think it should stay! It's so cute in the Pebbles ponytail! And once it gets long enough, you can do pigtails and then a ponytail. And that will be precious, too!!

Erica said...

We have yet to cut Teagan's hair. We would do the two pigtails towards the top/back of her head...Jason thought it was a little better than Pebbles.

Good Luck!