A Much Overdue Dining Room Quick Change…

I just realized that I never posted about the work we did in our dining room back in early December.  I don’t know why (with Bailey’s birthday, Christmas, work, and everything else going on) I didn’t think to post it before now?!?  Anyway, I guess better late than never…

In the past 5+ years of living in our house we haven’t done a thing in the dining room other than move our furniture in.  So we decided to patch a few cracks/holes, paint (a color that would jive with the taupe color we painted in the living room), and hang curtains (that match the curtains in the living room, tying in the two spaces).  We still have a lot finishing touches to take care of—crown molding, new light fixture, new door, new furniture, and new flooring—but these things will have to wait until after our big kitchen/den reno is complete in a few months! 

Anyway, back to the humble dining room paint job and curtains…

So, here’s a way before picture… (I forgot to snap a before with our furniture and set up, so here’s a picture of the dining room from when Craig bought the house… just imagine the same white walls, same awful green carpet, but with different furniture… that’s what our before looked like)…


Here are a couple during…


100_8318 (2)

And an after (please keep in mind we are far from done in here… just giving y’all a sneak peak)


I finally hung my $15 estate sale find… the frame and matting pictured above, or course, had been redone.  I LOVE the look of it in the room!


The wall with the curtains originally was an exterior wall on the house.  When the previous owners decided to close in the car port to make a bonus room they built on a short hallway connecting the bonus room to the kitchen.  By hanging the curtains and sheers we are now able to hide our lovely view of the paneled back hallway… sure am sorry to have lost that!


We threw around several ideas for dealing with our misplaced window (even considered knocking it out for a large open doorway as part of our upcoming reno), before finally settling on the path of least resistance.  In the end, I think we made the smartest choice… taking the window out just would have created some major traffic flow issues and wouldn’t have worked with the floor plan of the adjoining kitchen.

Now that this post is done… the next renovation-focused post should be kitchen related!!!  I can’t tell you how SO SUPER EXCITED I am about that!!!

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Lindsay said...

Neat! Looks great! I am excited to see the kitchen, too!!