New Cabinets!

We finalized our new kitchen layout this week and ordered our new cabinets (courtesy of Diamond)!  We’re one more step closer to starting our big kitchen reno in March!  YAY!!!

After sealing the deal on our new appliances (thanks again Whirlpool… you are awesome!!!) we decided that the next big thing to check off of old to-do-list is cabinets.  We shopped around at a few places (Lowe’s, Home Depot, Kitchens by Design, Cherokee Cabinets, and Cabinet Center Inc.) to try to find the best deal on cabinets.  We narrowed it down to two front-runners… Lowe’s and Kitchens by Design.  It was a very difficult choice to make, but in the end Lowe’s just couldn’t be beat!  Diamond just released their brand new Prelude line at Lowe’s… and to promote this new line the manufacturer offered a free sink base cabinet, free tilt out tray, free upgrade on the finish, and free smart stop drawers!  To top it all off, Lowe’s was running a deal of their own (through January 28) on all of their special order cabinet brands.  So, in addition to the freebies offered by Diamond we got a $1200 instant rebate at the register from Lowe’s!  We also cashed out some old Discover Rewards points for a couple hundred dollars worth of Lowe’s gift cards to put towards the purchase.  Can’t beat that!

Here are a few virtual shots of what our future layout will look like!  Not all of the details (direction of the cabinet doors, door style, trims, counter top color, etc.) are exactly right in the virtual pics (we did the best we could with the computer program) but they’re pretty darned close to what we should end up with! 

The new view from the family room into the kitchen (please note that there will also be a raised bar on the new peninsula, but again, the computer program was being stupid didn’t have that capability)

Blog - 1 revised

final design pic 6

The view from the front kitchen window down to the back end of the kitchen…

final design pic 3

The new open view into the family room (probably the biggest perk of the project)

final design pic 5

final design pic 8

The view from the back end of the kitchen to the front window…

final design pic 1

final design pic 7

Blog - 8 revised

Definitely a huge improvement… but then again… when you consider what we have right now anything would be an improvement!


Lindsay said...

This is going to be AMAZING!!!!! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!! What did you use to create the virtual pics?

Alanna said...

it's an online design program through lowe's... you don't have to order anything from them to use it either