New Appliances!

The first major purchase we made in preparation for our upcoming kitchen renovation was new appliances! 

In late November I was told by my boss that Whirlpool (a national partner with Habitat for Humanity) was going to be offering major discounts on their appliances just for Habitat employees!  SCORE!!!  The discount program would run through the end of 2010 and it wasn’t just on Whirlpool brand appliances, but also KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Maytag (all of which Whirlpool owns).  The timing couldn’t have been better, so let’s just say that Craig and I were all over it!

We scoured the Whirlpool VIP site, looking through hundreds of appliances that the discount applied to.  Once we had narrowed things down to a few different options we hit our local stores to check out our favorites in person and get a better feel for their sizes and features.  We compared the Whirlpool VIP prices with the retail prices at H.H.Gregg, Sears, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy… and each time Whirlpool was offering a better price!

In the end, we purchased a new refrigerator, dishwasher, wall over/microwave combo, cooktop with built-in downdraft, AND a new washer and dryer! 

The best part… we saved $1,810 off of the cheapest prices that were being offered at any of the retailers in the area ($4,986 off of the MSRP)!  WOO HOO!!!

I’m tellin’ ya… it was just meant to be!!!

So… here are a few pictures of what we currently have and what we’ll be replacing them with!


Currently this lovely Amana top freezer option


Soon to be this (KitchenAid KFIS27CXMS)

fridge 2


Currently this 1961 avocado green KitchenAid option.  On the up side it still works pretty well, but on the down side the door literally weighs 10 lbs.or more.  I’m worried every day that Bailey is going to climb on it and get clobbered.


Soon to be this (KitchenAid KUDC03FVSS)



Currently this 1961 avocado green Frigidaire Custom Deluxe beauty.  One of the burners only cooks on high.  Another burner doesn’t work at all  The oven temperature can swing + or – 100 degrees when you bake (nope, not kidding).  And instead of having one normal sized oven we currently have two very narrow ones which can make cooking a big dinner pretty difficult.


Soon to be this (KitchenAid KEMS308SSS) and this (KitchenAid KECD867XBL)

   oven & microwave combo cooktop with downdraft

Washer & Dryer

Currently this old Whirlpool washer and Kenmore Dryer (Which always takes at least two 70 minute cycles to dry one load of clothes).


Soon to be this (Whirlpool WFW9750WW) and this (Whirlpool WED9750WW)

        washer  dryer

I can’t tell you how excited we are about our new appliances!  Can’t wait until they’re delivered and installed!!!

Let me just give one last shout out to WhirlpoolYOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!  As a Habitat for Humanity employee I was already a BIG Whirlpool fan, but now I’m definitely in love for life! 

**Most of you probably don’t know this, but Whirlpool has been in partnership with Habitat for Humanity since 1999!  Since then, Whirlpool has donated a free refrigerator and range to every new Habitat house built in North America!  That’s 90,000 appliances or nearly $50 million worth of products!  And, as if that’s not enough, every year thousands of Whirlpool employees volunteer their time to Habitat!  How awesome is that!  So, if you’re in the market for some new appliances, I strongly recommend you buy Whirlpool!  Just think of it as good karma or paying it forward!**


Lindsay said...

That is awesome, Alanna! Your new appliances are a-maaaaa-zing!!! I know y'all are excited!

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

How wonderful! I can't wait to see everything finished!! Funny, we have some of the same exact ones! However, I'm most jealous you're getting the 2 oven option! That will DEFINITELY come in handy!

In the end, I think Habitat will be most pleased with the new donation they'll be receiving! :)

Unknown said...

I'm SO excited for you! I know that you've been wanting new appliances for a while now... like 5 years?! I can't speak for the others because Travis and I don't own them, but you'll LOOOOOVE the washer and dryer!!! We've had ours for about 3 years and still love them! Can't wait to see the big kitchen renovation reveal!