8 Months!

What an exciting past couple of weeks it has been!

Bailey is now crawling in both directions! While this milestone is certainly cause to celebrate, it has also presented us with some challenges. We can no longer put her down in the floor to play in one room and trust that she will remain there. Also, all of the many things around our house that she has been eyeing over the past several months have now become her "play things". Along with the crawling has come attempts to pull herself up on the coffee table, kitchen cabinets, sofa, and any other spot in the house that looks interesting. Needless to say we've had to do just a little bit of baby-proofing.

When she's not crawling, Bailey simply loves to cruise around the house in the walker that Maelen let her borrow! It really didn't take her long to get the hang of it. We now refer to her as "hell on wheels" as her new favorite thing to do is chase poor Sydney around the house. She, of course loves to do this... Sydney on the other hand is a little underwhelmed about the whole thing!

I guess this is where the whole parenting thing can get exciting!

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Lindsay said...

Such a pretty little baby!