5 Months!

Bailey turned 5 months old today! As is the case with every month, she continues to get bigger and stronger every day. She's sits up in the Bumbo chair that Maelen so kindly let us borrow. She can even pull herself up into a sitting position when we have her lying down, cradled in our arms! She has also started to play in the Exersaucer at the day school and loved it so much that we simply had to get her one! It's so cool to watch her hold herself up in it and spin around to play with all of the toys!

She's had a few firsts this month! One of which is solid foods. She's been eating solids now for about 4 weeks. We quickly moved on from the rice cereal (yuck!) and now enjoy such delicacies as carrots, squash, and green beans. Next we plan to move on to peas! She is such a terrific eater!!! She will now eat a jar and a half in one sitting if we allow her! No wonder she's growing so big! Another first for her this month is teeth! Bailey now has two teeth that have broken through... her two front bottom ones. We suspect she has another couple ready to appear at any moment. I must admit though, she's not been nearly as fussy as I was expecting through this whole teething thing... hopefully this will continue to be the case!

Anyway, we absolutely love our girl and want to share her with the rest of you! Enjoy the pictures!

Gotta love a chilled teether!

Hanging out on the pretty patio while daddy grills
The bestest of friends!
If you look close enough you can see her two little teeth poking through
Working it out in the Exersaucer... oh what fun!


Lindsay said...

She is simply adorable! I love the one with her little teeth!!!!

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to see her next week!!

Alanna said...

yeah! we can't wait to see you guys and meet ross!