Holiday Season Kick Off...

Keeping with tradition, Craig and I decided to go to the Fall Branch Christmas Tree Farm this weekend to kick off our holiday season. This was the second year in a row that it has snowed on the day that we have gone to cut down our tree and I must admit that the snow sure does put you in the holiday spirit!

It was such a pretty drive to and from the tree farm. The countryside was so pretty with all of the snow!

Once back at the house it was time to trim the tree. Sydney, of course, decided to help Craig string the lights. He's such a good little helper!

And I got to set up my favorite decorations... my hand-made, ceramic nativity set I bought at a local artist gallery a couple of years ago! It just never quite feels like Christmas to me until I get to set it up!

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kim said...

The Snow is pretty, but I am glad its up there and not here! the Baby will be here soon!!