We're Still At It...

Craig and I spent yet another weekend working on and finishing up various projects in the nursery.

Project #1--Craig finished installing cubbies in one of the closets. He also installed a lower closet rod in that same closet. Last, but certainly not least, he installed lights in both of the nursery closets. I think he did a great job and now we're ready to store the numerous baby items that we will be needing!

Project #2--A few months ago we found a great rocker at the local Goodwill for only $30. It was in perfect condition... no scratches on the wood and no tears or stains on the cushions. Even though the cushions were in good shape I was a little bored by their beige color. I suggested to Craig and I sew slip covers for them... he agreed and suggested that I use a turquoise colored fabric. I think it turned out great... definitely a pop of color and a HUGE improvement of the old cushion color!

Project #3--We found a really cute, handmade mobile at a neat little shop in Gatlinburg last month. We finally got around to hanging it above the crib.

Project #4--I had a little yellow night light that I bought a few years ago that I thought would work well in the nursery. Unfortunately, I didn't really care for the plain white shade on it. So, I decided to jazz it up a little bit with different colored ribbons. All it took was 20 minutes and a glue gun. The end result is definitely more fun and the plain lamp shade it had before!


Holly said...

MAN! It looks awesome!! You've done so much!!
GREAT find on the chair!!! 3 Cheers to Goodwill!

kim said...

so fun!! can't wait to see more!