Week 13 Update

We are now 13 weeks along! HOORAY!!! This marks the end of the first trimester! So far, so good! Here are the first pregnant belly pictures... Enjoy!

Me and my two babies... Sydney, of course, didn't want to be left out! He wants to make sure that I don't forget that he was my baby first!
I went to the doctor this morning for a routine pre-natal visit. As soon as the doctor walked in the room she told me that I was starting to look "cute and pregnant". She told me that all of the tests that they had run during our visit last week came back normal... so definitely good news! We listened to the baby's heartbeat (155-159 beats per minute). She said that this was a very good heart rate.

I asked her tons of questions about all sorts of things. She told me that I can, in fact, still ride a bicycle (for the next few weeks at least)! I'd just like to say "HA!" to the nurse who told me last week that I definitely could not do this! She told me that fainting during pregnancy is VERY normal... so you can stop worrying Holly and Rae... I'm okay! She said that this is caused by my body producing a large amount of blood during pregnancy and that this blood tends to pool in my extremities (especially when I stand up fast, get overheated, or stand for prolonged periods of time) and not enough blood makes it to my brain. She actually told me that chances are I'll faint again and told me to immediately sit or lie down when I feel dizzy. So, I was very glad to hear that my faiting during the beach trip isn't related to any kind of problem... although I'm kind of not looking forward to the possibility that it may happen again. Oh well... whatever happens it'll be worth it!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Well, thank goodness!

And, you look great!

Emily said...

Congrats Alanna!!!!! I found your blog through one of my friends I went to high school with! Small world! I'll have to add you to my blog list. Hope all is well!

~Emily Anderson Catoe

Unknown said...

How cute is that baby bump??!!! :) Emily, how do you know Alanna??? :)

Emily said...

Alanna and I lived in the same dorm freshman year at USC. How do you know Alanna? Small World!!!!!!!

Alanna said...

definitely a small world! and i've noticed on facebook, emily, that you're friends with kim painter who went to high school with me. i guess you guys met at USC?

Emily said...

Kim and I actually met in high school at band camp and then met up again at USC.

Unknown said...

Em-I know Alanna through all the other Clover kids! :) Such a small world!!! :)