10 Weeks and Counting!

Today I am 10 weeks into my pregnancy. I am so happy to report that, to this day, I have not had ANY morning sickness! *knock on wood* I feel absolutely wonderful! If it weren't for the constant hunger, occasional heartburn, and chronic peeing I wouldn't even suspect that I am pregnant. I have heard so many horror stories from family and friends about nasty 1st trimester symptoms and I feel so blessed to not have experienced any of them thus far.

Anyway, at this point (according to the pregnancy book I'm reading) Baby Leonberg is about the size of a small plum and is looking more and more human like with every day. Last week she/he was supposedly about the size of a medium green olive and still a little alien-like. It cracks me up how this book compares the baby's size each week to some sort of food. Next week (week 11) we will be entering the fetal period (as opposed to the embryonic period) and according to the book little Leonberg will be the size of a large lime. Apparently most malformations occur during the embryonic period (the first 10 weeks), so I'll be glad to jump this hurdle.

I can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks and see how much the baby has grown! From the way my pants are starting to "fit" (if you can call it that) i'm expecting some major growth by the next ultrasound! I've only gained a couple of pounds, but it's definitely starting to show. I'm sad to say that I have resorted to wearing some of my older, "next size up" jeans. Even these jeans are starting to get a little tighter, so I broke down and made my first shopping trip to the maternity section this afternoon. While I couldn't force myself to purchase any elastic-waisted pants, I did buy several tops, a couple of sun dresses, and the most awesome invention ever--a belly band! The band allows me to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned so I can be a little more comfortable, but still holds eveything in. Afterall, I'm not quite ready psychologially for the whole maternity pant situation!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

How exciting! There's a lot of cute maternity things out there!! Try Old Navy!

Alanna said...

old navy was my first stop!

MistynRob said...

I love Old Navy's Maternity Clothes... but my favs all came from Motherhood Maternity!!! :)

I haven't logged on in forever, and I am glad I did... I got to read your updates!!!

I did not get that sick as long as I ate something... if I didn't eat... I was sick... or if I went too long without something to drink... you may not get sick!!!

Around week 12 or so my sinuses almost killed me... and I got sick from sinus drainage several times....all the way till week 20.... but then my Dr. put me on some meds and I was AOK!!!!

:) I went to the Hospital Saturday thinking Maelen was on her way here... but it was a False Alarm... but it will not be much longer now!!!!

Love ya,

kim said...

You are going to be a cute prego momma!!!