What Do You Guys Think?!?

The other day when Craig went to the bank one of the employees had the following conversation with him...

"I'm sure you've heard this a million times before... you've got a famous life twin." --bank lady
"Who's that?" --Craig
"Josh Turner!" --bank lady
"Who's that?" --Craig
"He's a country singer." --bank lady
"Oh..." --Craig
When Craig told me about this conversation I too had no idea who Josh Turner was. So, I googled him to check out my honey's life twin... after all the idea of being married to a famous person's life twin was a little intriguing.

I must admit though I don't really see the similarity. What do you guys think?

Craig... oh, sorry, I mean Josh Turner...

Here's another picture of Josh Turner... woops again... this is actually Craig Am I married to Josh Turner's life twin? Or am I just married to Craig? Either way I'm happy!


kim said...

You don't know who Josh Turnere is???? Well, I can see some similarities. But anyways, the girl that read in my wedding, Josh Turner is her cousin.

Anonymous said...


Josh Turner is also Stuart's cousin two different ways or something....

Stuart used to say that his cousin got the good looks AND the musical talent. LOL


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

I have to admit, they do look alike!

Alanna said...

i do remember stuart talking about his cousin, but i had no idea who he was. i'm totally out of the country loop... pretty surprising for a girl living in northeastern tennessee, huh?!?