Happy 40th Rob!

Saturday our friend Rob celebrated his 40th birthday. The birthday bash took place at Bays Mountain Park and was, of course, Mexican themed. We enjoyed meeting and talking with Misty and Rob's other friends. I was surprised to learn that some of Misty and Rob's friends are regular volunteers with Habitat... who knew Kingsport was such a small town?!? It was fun talking with them about the different Habitat experiences they have had over the years. Craig and I also enjoyed looking through some of the childhood, high school, and other pictures of Rob that were displayed at each table... especially the one of Misty and Rob dressed up like pirates... and no, it wasn't on Halloween either!
Anyway, here are Misty and Rob who we just love!
And here's Misty and Rob's Mom, Jan, getting ready to set
Bay's Mountain on fire... boy that was a lot of candles!

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MistynRob said...


We were so glad you guys came!!! I am so glad you had a good time!!!