Building Project Part I

This weekend Craig and I began the first phase of our pergola project. We had the goal of making all of the necessary cuts this weekend so that when our families come next weekend to help all we have left to do it put all of the pieces together. I really think we underestimated this phase of the project. The saying "measure twice, cut once" was actually more like measure 4-5 times, cut once.

Plus, we had occasional distractions when Sydney would climb up and walk back and forth on the boards we were cutting/sanding... I guess he thought they were like the "dog walk" and "teeter totter" that he gets to play on in agility class.
Well, after all of the hard work we only managed to get about half of the cuts done... so I guess that means we're going to have to get busy this week. Anyway, the end product will be TOTALLY worth it!

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