What a Day!

Well... as usual I wasn't looking forward to going back to work yesterday. I mean since changing jobs it's gotten a lot better, but Monday's still stink. Especially after a LONG holiday weekend. As I was walking into the office, I was totally thinking about the "somebody's got a case of the Mondays" line from Office Space. Anyway, when I got inside the day didn't get any better.
Apparently, at some point over the weekend the ceiling in my office collapsed. I'm not just talking about a small hole or even a big hole... I'm talking about a HUGE hole in my ceiling! 8 x 12 feet to be exact.

Now we have no idea what happened... I mean the ceiling wasn't wet and there's nothing stored in the attic above my office. The best we can guess is that it's an old ceiling and it just gave way after all of these years. On the way down, the ceiling took out a table I had under my window with some plants on it. It also dented the top of my metal file cabinet and banged my printer.

Yep... that's a huge piece of plaster smacked up against my office chair. I sure am glad this happened when I was out of the office!

We cleaned up a huge pile of ceiling plaster and 6 large garbage bags of fiberglass insulation. Needless to say I was VERY itchy by the end of the day. I have had to temporarily set up shop in another office until my ceiling gets repaired. Now instead of having my huge 15 x 20 office all to myself, I am sharing a 12 x 12 office with two of my coworkers. I hope my office gets fixed quick! After all of this I was definitely having a case of the Mondays!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

That's CRAZY!
They should give you a raise.

Alanna said...

yep... i TOTALLY agree!