Sydney's a Graduate!

For the past 6 weeks Sydney has been enrolled in a beginner's obedience class. Sydney's teacher, Judy Pinkevich, is the Training Director for the Greater Kingsport Kennel Club and she is awesome! She can train a dog to do anything! Over the past 6 weeks Sydney has learned sit, down, stay, come, heal (in a circle and figure 8), wait, finish, pass, shake, high five, and a few pieces of agility equipment. We also cured his little jumping "problem" in a matter of 2 minutes! Anyway, tonight was the last of the beginner's classes. For all of his hard work Judy gave Sydney a new chew toy and a lovely diploma. We're so proud of our little guy... he's growing up so fast!
We're both VERY excited to begin the advanced obedience and perhaps agility classes in the coming months!


Anonymous said...

i can't sign into my blogger...HELP!!!!

Alanna said...

i don't know what would help?!? holly is probably more of an expert at it than i am. i hope you get it figured out.

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

That is HILARIOUS! You need to frame that one!