We're Number One!

I came home from work yesterday and to my surprise the neighbors had left a surprise in our yard. Low and behold, Craig and I have been dubbed the "Most Improved Yard." How funny is this!?! So here's the story behind the sign... Ever since Craig bought the house we've noticed a number of yards in the neighborhood being honored as the "Ridgefields Garden Club's Yard of the Month" or the "Beautification Award Winner." Meanwhile Craig and I were working VERY hard to fix up the outside of our home... replacing the front door, putting up new shutters, trimming back the monstrous bushes, and planting new shrubs/flowers. We wondered what the requirements were for being honored in the way that many of our neighbors had been.

So, a couple weeks ago our neighbors Ann and Taylor had this lovely yellow sign made to be placed in the yard of our neighbors David and Becky. I passed a comment to Taylor wondering what a person has to do to get a sign in their yard. Little did I know that we would be the next nominees!

So now we seem to have a new little neighborhood tradition. I guess Craig and I now have to wait for someone new to move in and put in some work to pass along the honor.

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Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Now, doesn't that just make it all worth while! Congratulations! :)

Seriously, the yard looks great!