Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, so my parents decided to come to town to join the celebration. Saturday, my dad, Craig, and I spent the day on the golf course. We later met back up with my Mom and went out for dinner at Cocula... the best Mexican restaurant in town!
Sunday we spent the day hanging out at the house with my parents. After my parents left, Craig and I went out and picked up my birthday present... a new frog! This time I picked out a frog that was a little older. I still haven't decided on a name for him. Anyone have any suggestions?


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday! I wish we could celebrate with you!!

. . . it was the first thing that came to mind . . .

kim said...

Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a good one! that frog is super cute. maybe you should name it something related to south carolina like Clover or Steve or Cocky haha just a suggestion. Gilbert is cute too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. My vote goes to H.E. Pennypacker or Dr. Van Nostrand.