Weekend Visitors

This past weekend my sister Erin and her dog Sasha came to visit with Craig and I. We did a whole lot of nothing... which can really be a lot of fun. We grilled out a couple of times, took a leisurely stroll along the Greenbelt, walked around the Netherland Inn, went out for ice cream, and hung out around the house. We really enjoyed our weekend visitors and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Sasha discovered ducks... she wasn't quite sure about them!


Rae said...

i want to get up there soo bad!!! i absolutely loved it when we were there for your looks so relaxing!!

Alanna said...

did you get my e-mail about 10/27? that's the USC/UT game weekend. you guys are welcome to come up for the weekend and hang out... just let me know!

Rae said...

yeah, i'm still trying to figure out if i can get out of work--i was thinking i might even just take that and come up then....who all is planning on being there???

Alanna said...

i haven't gotten a yes from anyone yet... a couple maybes from holly and devin.