Good News!

I got some news this morning about my nephew Bryce. The bad news... he's still in the hospital and will likely not be discharged for another week. The good news... he has begun farting!!! I never thought I would get so excited about any of my nephews passing gas, but considering the circumstances this is VERY GOOD NEWS!!! He is no longer restricted solely to ice chips and actually managed to stomach a piece of toast and some pasta today. Apparently, his toots are a sign that his previously damaged intestines are in fact healing and regaining function. So, looks like he's definitely on his way down the noisy, sometimes smelly, road to recovery!


kim said...

hahaha that is good news!! glad he is doing better! kids should never have to go through stuff like that

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Wonderful! . . . and I'm sure enjoying a good laugh as well!