Backyard Buddies!

A while ago I decided to take full advantage of our closeness with nature by hanging a few bird feeders from the one and only tree in the back yard. Throughout spring and summer I have been diligently filling the feeders as they empty and have been enjoying watching all of the pretty birds as they feed. I figured I was probably also feeding a squirrel or two, but that's no big deal. Little did I know that I have not ONLY been feeding the birds and an occasional squirrel... but also the many deer who have taken over our neighborhood!

Craig notified me yesterday morning as he was leaving for work that there was a doe and fawn in the backyard... since I was in bed I simply replied "okay" and rolled back over. Well... by the time I got out of bed and peeked out of the window the doe and fawn were gone. In their place were two other does who were eating the birdseed directly out of one of my feeders. The feeder I had JUST FILLED the previous evening was EMPTY!!! I stood there and watched as one of the deer used its nose to bump and tilt the feeder so that the last little bit of seed fell out. Now it all makes sense... NO WONDER I'm having to refill the feeders so often! And here I thought I was just feeding some very hungry little birds!?!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Ha! Ha! And, they'll be back EVERYDAY! My mom does this in Hilton Head, but she goes so far as to lay it out on the table for them! Needless to say, they make their way there daily!

Rae said...

oh wow!!! that is crazy!! so i wonder how much of the food the little birds were actually getting to eat!!!