Uh Oh!

I've recently become concerned that Mr. Ribbits may be sick. Lately he seems very lethargic, uncoordinated, and just not himself. So, I pulled out my book on frog care and did a little research. The book talks about everything from calcium deficiency to redleg disease... after reading thoroughly I determined that his change in behaviors is likely due to spastic imbalance. Basically, his terrarium had become contaminated by some sort of "toxin." So... the solution to this little problem?!? Completely strip his terrarium, sterilize EVERYTHING, and give Mr. Ribbits some emergency medical treatment. The treatment consisted of soaking Mr. Ribbits in an "emergency aid solution" in order to provide energy and fluid support. Just imagine an oatmeal bath for a frog... that's pretty much what it looked like.
Unfortunately, Mr. Ribbits was not a fan of the bath and kept trying to sneak out. He just didn't understand that it was for his own good. Anyway, let's keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Poor thing!
We have faith in Mr. Ribbits!

kim said...

poor froggy :( what is the life span for frogs? i hope he is doing better!

Alanna said...

this species of frog can live for around 20 years. i got him when he was a baby and he's probably only about a year old now, so i'm pretty upset with myself for letting him get so sick :(

Rae said...

what in the world kind of "toxin" could it be, and how did it get in his cage-thing???!