Happy Birthday Craig!!!

So, Wednesday was Craig's 25th (QUARTER OF A CENTURY) birthday! To celebrate I took him out to dinner at Carinos Italian Grill in Johnson City. Dinner was wonderful as usual. I had planned to buy him the perfect gift... a kayak!!! How awesome would that have been?!? Well, after much searching (in stores and online) I failed miserably in my attempts. So instead I had to think of something else at the last minute... something I'm not too good at. I ended up ordering a golf themed cookie bouquet from Cookies by Design. Not quite on the same level as a kayak, but he did love it. I think we may spend the weekend hunting down the perfect kayak... if we are successful we may just count it as a joint birthday gift since mine is coming up soon!

What I wanted to get Craig...
What I did get Craig...

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my "tee-rific" husband!


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

Ha! Ha! Well, at least now he can pick out exactly what he wants!

Happy Birthday, Craig!

What are yall doing for your birthday??

Alanna said...

we don't have any plans yet for my birthday... we could always plan a get together weekend for everyone if you all are interested! just let us know!

Rae said...

oooh that sounds like fun!!

LOVE the cookie bouquet!! so cute!