My Last Weekend of Singlehood!!!

This past weekend was my last weekend as a single girl, so we decided to celebrate! We started the evening with dinner at my sister Erin's house and then moved on to Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte! For those of you who have been out drinking with me you know that I tend to be a hilarious drunk... well, from the pictures I've seen afterwards it looks as if I didn't disappoint! I had such a great time... and I'm sure I made a fool of myself on SEVERAL occasions!!! Sorry your little sister was such an embarassment Erin. On a lighter note, I did make 12 dollars!

WARNING: Some scenes may not be suitable for younger audiences!


Rae said...

Alanna, u are stil my favorite drunk!! although, after watching some of the video i took on the drive home, holly is now a close second!!!!

Alanna said...

YES... still in the lead! take that holly!

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

I'll take it.