Again... The Talk of the Neighborhood

Looking at the outside of the house, Craig and I felt something was needed... something other than landscaping to repair the shrubbery fiasco from a few weeks ago. Ever since Craig bought the house we have both felt that the white shutters were too much. So, last week Craig took down the old shutters! As with many other parts of the house that were repaired and maintained in a half-assed way by the previous owners, so were the shutters. There was almost as much paint on the bricks as there was on the shutters themselves. So Craig has been using a combination of grafiti remover and a "brilo pad"-like attachment on his drill to clean the paint from the house. With all of his hard work he has still only made a slight difference. I can't wait until we get our new shutters to put up and disguise the mess!

As usual, the neighbors have been commenting about Craig's hard work. One neighbor again told Craig that he was "ruining the neighborhood"! Another neighbor commented that Craig must have finally gotten his letter from the neighborhood association telling him to fix up his house. Well, here are my thoughts on that... they should be happy! Afterall, our house is making the rest of the homes in the neighborhood look pretty good right now!

Again, Craig's house before... with the monster shrubs and awful white shutters.
Craig's house after

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Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

WHO ARE THESE NEIGHBORS!?!?! My goodness, do they have no shame?