Saturday Night Bluegrass!

This past Saturday Craig and I went to the Carter Family Fold to listen to some good ole', foot stompin' bluegrass! The Carter Family (as in the same family as June Carter Cash) started this amazing place many years ago to honor the bluegrass and country music of the area. It's a tiny place in the middle of no where, but some amazing people have played there... including Johnny Cash who played the last concert before he died at the Fold. The Fold even features a dancefloor in front of the stage where people can go and stomp their fee to the music!

One of Craig's co-workers, Steve Edwards, was headlining with his band the "Scott County Boys." We had such a great time and even got a shout out from Steve! He announced to the crowd that we were getting married and told Craig not to take the lyrics of his songs literally (he had just finished playing a song that said "if you're gonna cheat on me don't cheat in my hometown"). Great advice! Anyway, here's a little taste of the music!
Jeanette Carter's Son

Scott County Boys

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1 comment:

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

How FUN! I love bluegrass!! I certainly hope you and Craig were up dancing among the others in front! Where are the pictures of that? :)