I Guess It's My Turn


I am: a Caroling girl living in Tennessee.
I want: to make a difference.
I have: the same birthmark as my mother.
I wish: that social workers really did have magic wands.
I hate: when people mispronounce or misspell my name.
I miss: the good times I had in Columbia.
I hear: nothing... it's so quiet in Kingsport.
I wonder: how long Craig is going to continue to play games.
I regret: not visiting my uncle in the hospital before he died.
I am not: a vegetarian... no matter how many times people say that I am!
I dance: eventough I'm really bad at it.
I sing: to myself in the car... ALWAYS!
I cry: very rarely.
I am not always: the bitch, but sometimes I have to be.
I make with my hands: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I write: in print... never cursive.
I confuse: my left with my right.
I need: to make myself a priority.
I should: try not to interrupt Craig as much.
I start: talking in a STRONG souther accent when I drink... so I've been told!
I finish: a gallon of milk in 3 days.

I was tagged by Holly; I don't know who's left to tag.


Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

:) We thought we'd lost you there for a while! Welcome back! :)

Alanna said...

sorry about that... there really hasn't been a whole lot going on for me to post. i'll try to keep up with it a little better from now on!